The Globe Theater 



744 S. Broadway Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90014


+/- 40,000 sq. ft. of Tower Available


Creative Asset Partners is pleased to present a rare lease investment opportunity in the Theater District of Downtown Los Angeles.  This 65,000 square foot building is located at 744 South Broadway Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  In recent years, downtown has seen notable positive demographic shifts.  In 2009, the Los Angeles Times posted a report stating that “as of early 2009, 14,561 residential units have been created under the adaptive reuse ordinance, leading to an increase in the residential population. With 28,878 residents in 2006 and 39,537 in 2008, a 36.9% increase, Downtown Los Angeles is seeing new life and investment.”  Today, a Downtown Los Angeles survey taken in 2011 estimates the current population to be 45,518 and on the rise. Other institutions have also recognized the growing phenomenon of Downtown and have invested in major projects, including the Ace Hotel chain which has recently started construction at 933 South Broadway.  With the supporting demographics and construction plans for pivotal projects,  there will indeed be a demand in the community for more supporting business concepts such as restaurants, entertainment and theater operations.

Team Members:

Anne Singleton, Senior Vice President

Martin Amiri, Principal